Human Centred Organisational Transformation  Framework 

Data science, digital technologies, human behaviour research, all at your fingertips. Our Ecosystem allows you to truly measure how Learning and Development contributes to organisational resilience.

The HCOT Framework collects live behavioural data from your employees as they interact with our active learning solutions. This data is then turned into knowledge to support your organisation’s transformation.

Let’s have a closer look into how each of the components the HCOT Framework delivers value to you.

Active Learning Solutions

The HCOT Framework combines simulations, gamification and game design in order to turn corporate training into truly engaging and effective activities.

While your employees develop their hot & cold cognitive skills and capabilities, behavioural data is collected and fed to the Analytics System.

As your employees grow and develop, the technology behind our ecosystem allows you to truly see how Learning and Development contributes to organisational resilience.

Learning Experience Platform

This friendly and effective digital platform grants all members of your organisation with access to all the relevant face-to-face training sessions. It also allows your employees to access YouTube style, and video-game inspired courses. Anytime, on any portable devices

Once your employees start to interact with the platform, behavioural data will be collected and used to suggest personalised training programmes. This data will also be fed to the Data Analytics System

This innovative digital platform encourages your employees to own and design their own career paths. These new and unscripted paths will guide and support future transformation projects.

Behaviour Data Analytics System

Successful organisational transformations are data-driven transformations.

Our data analytics system collects behavioural data from an untapped area, Learning and Development. This data is then translated into knowledge that facilitates decision making amid rapidly changing and unpredictable environments.

Transformation Plan

Chances are your organisation is either undergoing, or planning, a transformation (digital, agile or otherwise).

Whatever stage of the transformation programme your organisation is at, our solutions can provide support to ensure key decisions are data-driven decisions.

With our support your employees will grow as individuals and professionals. Your organisation will not only achieve a successful transformation journey, its members will be ready and excited about the next epic challenge.
The HCOT Framework will enable your employees to see the transformation process for what it really is - a challenge worth taking.
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